best of: inspiring studio spaces.


artist isabelle tuchband’s atrium art studio via the selby.

even though i really like working from home, i love having the luxury of the studio space i share in downtown L.A. — it’s just such a creative escape from the norm, and can often inspire me just seeing what the other creatives there are up to. these spaces are something special, and i hope they inspire you a little. if you’d like more studio space inspiration, check out sites like freunde von freuden, in the make, and the studio work. you might also view our past studio tours, and check out my pinboards working girl and studio spaces. enjoy the tour!


designer Lotta Nieminen’s downtown brooklyn studio via designsponge.


Jemima Kirke’s Studio via Semaine.


artist Kai Samuels-Davis‘ workspace via windy lane studio.


GamFratesi Studio via yellowtrace.


fashion designer Lee Matthews’ home studio photographed by Sean Fennessy via the design files.


ariele alasko‘s rustic and whimsical workshop via designsponge.


artist sabine steinmair in her studio via Living Corriere.


artist julian meagher‘s sydney studio via the design files.


Bruce Rowe’s Anchor Ceramics studio via makette.


sydney home studio of artist ken done via freunde von freuden.


swedish summer cabin of production designer, artist and interior decorator Carouschka Streijiffert via photographer martin lot.


Casey Neistat’s handmade new york studio via wired.


Guts & Glory design studio live/work space via designsponge.


Elizabeth Suzann‘s fashion design studio via facebook.

best of: darkness prevails.

dark bedroom decor inspiration / sfgirlbybay

studio preveza via pop sugar.

i used to have a dark blackish blue accent wall in my old bedroom, and i adored it (benjamin moore’s gravel gray). and i still love this look. jenna lyons may have made dark sleeping quarters into a trend with her fabulous bedroom featured many moons again in domino — and i’m sure others may have come before her, but that’s the one that i am always inspired by — unexpected lighting paired with that marble fireplace and those amazing black walls. bold and definitely beautiful. the look is pretty timeless — who knows, maybe darkness will prevail and i’ll go to the dark side once again. these rooms certainly tempt me.

dark decor inspiration / sfgirlbybay

tommaso sartori.

dark gray bedroom walls and dark bedding / sfgirlbybay

la maison champs élysées.

dark bedroom walls / sfgirlbybay

tommaso sartori; Derek Swalwell for residence style; analog dialog; jenna lyons bedroom via domino.

textured dark bedroom walls / sfgirlbybay

Sean Fennessy for the design files.

dark and light bedroom decor / sfgirlbybay

eight birds.

dark distressed walls in modern bedroom / sfgirlbybay

Yoshihiro Koitani for ideasgn.

black bedroom walls and white bedding / sfgirlbybay


white art and lamp with dark bedroom decor / sfgirlbybay

japanese trash.

dark accent wall in modern bedroom / sfgirlbybay

elle decor.

dark bedroom walls and wood beamed ceiling / sfgirlbybay


light gray textured walls and neutral bedroom decor / sfgirlbybay


best of: one very fine site: de dujes.

a visit to de dujes / sfgirlbybay

via good old pinterest i stumbled onto this truly beautiful blog this weekend. have you ever visited de dujes? well, you should. it’s run by sisters, Gaétane and Gaëlle Dujardin who say “We grew up in a warm and very close family. As a family we often call ourselves ‘The Dujes’. We are there for each other through thick and thin.” I like them already. raised at the seaside, eventually they landed in antwerp, belgium — one of my favorite cities. Gaétane, a.k.a Tanne, studied interior architecture — She has a great interest in all that is beautiful and trendy. Gaëlle, a.k.a. Gai, studied law, but Her interest in interior has always been there, but was fully ignited when she and her boyfriend decided to buy a house and fully renovate it. antwerp is one of the most creative cities and the sisters share wonderful homes tours which are often photographed beautifully by Tanne’s husband Bart De Wit. these images were taken by Kimberley Dhollander and Philippe Corthout, the owners of this lovely home. this is just one home tour, but you should go get inspired by their site, de dujes for much more — they also offer their services as interior stylists. i’d hire them in a heartbeat!

a visit to de dujes / sfgirlbybay

a visit to de dujes / sfgirlbybay

a visit to de dujes / sfgirlbybay

a visit to de dujes / sfgirlbybay

a visit to de dujes / sfgirlbybay

a visit to de dujes / sfgirlbybay

a visit to de dujes / sfgirlbybay

a visit to de dujes / sfgirlbybay

a visit to de dujes / sfgirlbybay

• photography byby Kimberley Dhollander and Philippe Corthout.

best of: modern beach vibes.

pink surfboard and housewares / sfgirlbybay

surf’s up, via wanderlust.

when i moved to los angeles, i knew i wanted my new home to have kind of a modern beach vibe (very much inspired by my recent trip to tulum, mexico and coqui coqui). even though i’m all the way over here on the east side, it’s still warm and sunny and we angelenos spend a lot more time living outside, especially in the evenings — much more so than i did in san francisco. it’s great to consider my backyard as an extension of my house, and essentially, my outdoor dining area is a whole other room. i love a beachy vibe and the fact that it makes me feel a little like i’m on permanent vacation — if i pad around barefoot in caftans, it solidifies the fantasy. adding touches of rattan and bamboo, indoor plants and muted pastels really helps create that laid back beach vibe, too. here’s some looks i love.

beachy white bedroom / sfgirlbybay

urban outfitters’s dreamy bohemian platform bed and some wonderful DIY shelving inspiration.

spaces with pastel beach vibes / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: caroline legrand design; her new tribe; neverlands; Jonas Ingerstedt photography for the kinfolk book@evanjschneider; sara dhg.

tall indoor plant in silver pot via apartment therapy / sfgirlbybay

amazing indoor plant adds so much to this space, via apartment therapy.

rattan rug and modern home decor / sfgirlbybay

a rattan rug gives instant beach vibes, via interieur plus.

interiors with modern beach vibes / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: another ballroom; atelier gv; urban outfitter’s majka lamp;another ballroom; butterfly chairs via inside out magazine; indie home collective.

vintage rattan chairs via architectural digest espana / sfgirlbybay

vintage rattan chairs are the best, via architectural digest espana.

pranati carved headboard from urban outfitters / sfgirlbybay

pranati carved headboard from urban outfitters has a nice, natural vibe.

outdoor space in L.A. via free people blog / sfgirlbybay

amazing L.A. outdoor space, via free people blog.

outdoorsy bathroom at line apartment via daily dream decor / sfgirlbybay

the perfect outdoorsy bathroom at los angeles’ line apartment, via daily dream decor.

best of: japanese design.

japanese exhibition poster / sfgirlbybay

Japanese Exhibition Poster by Masaaki Hiromura, via gura fika.

i love all things japanese — from sushi to vintage kimonos, and especially graphic design and packaging. i used to spend hours at Kinokuniya bookstore in san francisco’s japantown (i just found out there’s an L.A. location, too!). and i can’t read a word of them — all written in japanese, but i love paumes design books, too. i find the japanese aesthetic to be both simple and elegant, but also somewhat whimsical at times. they seem to have a keen sense of humor, or what some might call kawaii — lovable and cute. there’s a certain contradiction between say, the seriousness of their decor — like japanese tatami beds, paper lanterns and shoji screens which are so spare and practical, and then their packaging design which can be really colorful, playful and fun. regardless, i love it all and would love to visit japan one day. in the meantime, i continue to be inspired by their wonderful culture.

japanese graphic design ad / sfgirlbybay

japanese advertisement from the 1950’s, via gura fiku.

japanese style graphic design / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: Alvin Diec, via inspired mag; harriet lee-merrion illustration; paper festival poster, via tegamisha; vintage advertisement, via histories of things to come; Shinchon Suk Jin for muji campsite.

japanese style honey packaging / sfgirlbybay

onuma honey, via the dieline.

vintage japanese advertisement / sfgirlbybay

vintage advertisement, via histories of things to come.

harriet lee-merrion print. / sfgirlbybay

harriet lee-merrion print.

japanese graphic design / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: Japanese Exhibition Poster: The Unseen Relationship via gura fiku; sakura blooming, via 8toyko; japanese matchbox labels via jane mcdevitt; Yuagarido cider, via tomomasu.

planting seeds, via cafe slow. / sfgirlbybay

planting seeds, via cafe slow.