Friday Finds

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I’m back and can’t wait to share my Japan finds with you, as soon as I organize the (too many) photos I took! Meanwhile, with warmer temperatures fast approaching, I hope you’ll enjoy these summery vibes with me!

  1. Soft, organic patterns of natural light illuminate a Puerto Rican house.
  2. This Berlin flat strikes an impeccable balance between carefree and constrained.
  3. Wouldn’t it be lovely to lounge in this dreamy, modern garden escape?
  4. Simple styling always wins me over. Now on the lookout for an acorn vase of my own!
  5. Natural elements come together to create a clean and cohesive workspace.

Happy Friday,

wear this there: the apartment by the line.


If there was ever one stop purveyor for all the covetables one could imagine, The Apartment at The Line is it (leslie dropped by there last week for us!). A showroom masked as the New York flat we’ve all wished for, they stock everything from apothecary goods to specialty wears, and home decor. Basically, it’s lifestyle porn everywhere you look. Influenced by the sleek, yet inviting interiors we suggest a lightweight summer dress, minimal slides, and perfectly crafted accessories. Just try getting out of there empty handed. let’s wear this there.


wear this there: long double layer Zara Dress; Wasted Effort Necklace from craft & culture; Aesop Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream; Assembly New york Shaffer Bucket Bag; Azalea Sol Sana Sandal; H & M black Hooded Jacket.

the stylists: more from little nicki.


i’ve got another fabulous home for you today from talented stylist Nicole Valentine Don, aka little nicki. This is the colorful beach house in Palm Beach, Sydney renovated and furnished by Rory Unite for his in-laws John and Merryl Greaves. The whole place has been re-done to reflect the owners African heritage (Kenya and South Africa, respectively), with a strong focus on the beachside vibe of its locale; a very Capetonian look with bright colors and old wood — Rory loves the added wealth that reclaimed timber brings to a home. That amazing kitchen island is considered the centerpiece of the home, and is made from the wood of a 75 year old bridge from a friend’s farm — such a great conversation piece. charming features abound — like the sail repurposed as a shower curtain; the eclectic mismatched decor throughout the house; and that outdoor shower — yes please! always say yes to an outdoor shower. thanks so much for sharing, nicki! to follow little nicki’s beautiful styling, you can find her on pinterest, and follow along on instagram.














• photography by Fiona Galbraith.

spotted: marisa mason.

spotted: marisa mason / sfgirlbybay

hey it’s leslie from spotted sf and today i’m taking you over to oakland’s historic district to one of my favorite spots called temescal alley. this tiny area once contained old horse stables and carriage homes, then several years ago they were converted into a mini village of shops. tucked among these is marisa mason’s darling jewelry boutique and work studio.

spotted: marisa mason / sfgirlbybay

spotted: marisa mason / sfgirlbybay

spotted: marisa mason / sfgirlbybay

spotted: marisa mason / sfgirlbybay

spotted: marisa mason / sfgirlbybay

spotted: marisa mason / sfgirlbybay

spotted: marisa mason / sfgirlbybay

spotted: marisa mason / sfgirlbybay

spotted: marisa mason / sfgirlbybay

spotted: marisa mason / sfgirlbybay

marisa’s handmade jewelry combines leather and brass + lots of fringe and tassel—very beachy, bohemian, yet modern and chic. her signature line includes bracelets, earrings, rings and plenty of necklaces, which can be worn in different ways or layered on, as the styles all blend together. check out her lookbook here. besides her own line, marisa also features the work of other local makers and artist friends. it’s a great spot to get a little design inspiration and pick up beautiful objects for your home.

• all photography by leslie santarina.

i spy: tropical pink.


nourished journal.

it is super kooky busy right now. i’ve just moved, have a lot of DIY stuff going on around the new pad, and i’m in the midst of planning two fun back-to-back events — one here in L.A. and one in S.F. and blogging as per regularly scheduled. so i feel a little bit overwhelmed. not in a bad way, but chaotic. when that happens, it soothes my mind to play a little i spy — to see what i might see without a lot of rhyme or reason. i hope you’ll indulge me and come along for this ride — today i’m feeling tropical pink. you know — that glamorous beverly hills hotel kinda pastel pink with banana leaf patterns thrown in for good measure? yeah, that.


clockwise, l to r: mango; london’s sketch restaurant, via refinery29; mirella bruno; cfda; the beverly hills hotel.


nuevo estilo.


the lane.


clockwise, l to r: terri planty; olivia rae james; in another life we are cats; whimsical agnesiga; the beverly hills hotel.


oracle fox.