industrial meets family friendly.

industrial family friendly home / sfgirlbybay

this is a very family-friendly remodeling project — a floor to ceiling renovation recently featured in dutch design magazine vtwonen. owners Sjak and Corrien took on the remodel project of their 1920’s house all on their own, with some very creative uses of repurposed industrial pieces. proving what you can accomplish with a very small budget – and some real hands-on DIY initiative, they’ve created a great space, that while definitely repurposes salvaged industrial finds, creates a warm and welcoming space, too — even for kids!

industrial family friendly kitchen / sfgirlbybay

industrial repurposed planter / sfgirlbybay

industrial family friendly shelving / sfgirlbybay

industrial family friendly home / sfgirlbybay

industrial family friendly bathroom / sfgirlbybay

industrial family friendly home / sfgirlbybay

industrial family friendly home / sfgirlbybay

industrial family bedroom / sfgirlbybay

industrial family friendly home / sfgirlbybay

industrial family boy's room / sfgirlbybay

industrial friendly kid's bedroom / sfgirlbybay

industrial family friendly home / sfgirlbybay

• photography by vtwonen.

chefs on film.

the selby / sfgirlbybay

i know this is a little off-topic for me, but seeing The Selby’s latest post on CHEF, COOKING & FOOD EXPERT KURUMI ARIMOTO, AND KAZUAKI KOMIYA an INTERIOR DESIGNER AT HOME IN HAYAMA, JAPAN reminded me how much i love peeking into the personal worlds of chefs — their kitchens, their tools, their ideas about cooking and fresh ingredients — all of it. have you noticed how cooking and documentaries about chefs are the talk of the town lately?

chef's home via the selby / sfgirlbybay

i was always a fan of chef, writer and world traveler anthony bourdain’s no reservations, but there’s a whole batch of new films looking a little more deeply into the minds of chefs. quite literally, there’s the PBS series the mind of the chef , coincidentally narrated by anthony bourdain, and it’s quite wonderful. i’m only a few episodes into season 1, but so far we’re following the food-centric world of Chef David Chang of momofuko and it’s been most entertaining — you can watch it streaming on netflix.

the mind of a chef via the selby / sfgirlbybay

i was completely enthralled with the netflix documentary series The Chef’s Table and watched all six episodes in about two evenings. chefs are a little obsessed, and maybe even a little maniacal, but in a fascinating way, so that series is just not to be missed. i noticed a similarity to another great documentary, jiro dreams of sushi, to The Chef’s Table, and sure enough they are both directed by the same man, david gelb. Jiro is a must watch, too. the commonality of all these films is the driven chefs behind their restaurants and their incredible creativity and passion for food. they make me feel like i’ve never eaten a proper meal, or tasted really good sushi — they thrive on the very best of everything and set very high standards for themselves. so i just wondered if you were watching, too and if you had any other great documentary recommendations for us? bon appetít!

kurumi arimoto via the selby / sfgirlbybay

chef's kitchen the selby / sfgirlbybay

• photography by Todd Selby.

around l.a. / yolk

silver lake's YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

One of the most cheerful shops around, YOLK has been a Silver Lake boulevard staple for over a decade. Shop owner Chilouyi bought the shop three years ago and has maintained some Scandinavian influence from the original owner but spruced things up with her own taste. She personally greets each customer — many local repeats — shopping the adorable variety of children’s apparel and toys or searching for the perfect gift among her selection of practical-with-a-hint-of-sass home objects. There’s something really fun about strolling through a shop, turning items over and reading a “made in l.a.” stamp. English designer William Morris advised “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” YOLK offers the opportunity to fill your home with just that: objects that are beautiful and useful.

YOLK shop in silver lake / sfgirlbybay

home accessories at YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

silver lake YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

textiles at YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

kid's apparel at YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

children's books at YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

L.A.'s YOLK shop in silver lake / sfgirlbybay

silver lake's cute YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

accessories at silver lake's YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

blankets at YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

apothecary at YOLK shop / sfgirlbybay

moroccan towels at YOLK / sfgirlbybay

golden state tote at YOLK / sfgirlbybay

wrapping paper at YOLK / sfgirlbybay

YOLK's homewares / sfgirlbybay

cactus at YOLK / sfgirlbybay

YOLK / sfgirlbybay

• photography by lily glass for sfgirlbybay.

sprout by HP + a giveaway.

Sprout by HP / sfgirlbybay

a while back i was invited by HP to test drive their new immersive computer platform — which is a fancy way of saying that Sprout by HP is a new creativity station blending the physical and digital world we live in. one of the things i found it most useful while putting together my book see san francisco, was the ability to play around with the page layouts with just the swipe of an image. the majority of my book consists of collages of images — four-up on a page, and it was tricky to figure out which images looked best together in terms of color and content, so i experimented with Sprout by HP rearranging the images until i was satisfied with a complementary collection of images on each page.

Sprout by HP / sfgirlbybay

Sprout by HP also lets you grab an object from the physical world, manipulate it in the digital world, and bring it back to life — in 3D! pretty cool! but for me, i relied heavily on Sprout’s built-in hi-res camera because it replaces the need for a scanner — you simple lay your image on the touchpad, touch the camera on the monitor and boom! it scans your images right there on your desktop, and then with a swipe the images appear on the touchpad’s blank canvas, allowing you to resize, move, and manipulate images with the touch of your finger. such easy manipulation of images for the book — something that would have taken days to figure out, was made a whole lot easier by just swiping the images in and out of the layouts. simple, but such a time saver! this week, HP invited me to giveaway see san francisco, published by chronicle books to 5 lucky readers!

Sprout by HP / sfgirlbybay

to enter to win one of 5 copies of see san francisco, simply:

• comment below, and tell us what you’d most like to see when visiting san francisco.

• please comment by tuesday, august 18th, 12pm PST.

• as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• yay! this giveaway is worldwide!

• we’ll announce 5 winners selected by random number generator on my twitter account later in the week of august 18, so be sure and follow along.

See San Francisco Book Giveaway / sfgirlbybay

Sprout by HP / sfgirlbybay

Sprout by HP / sfgirlbybay

Sprout by HP / sfgirlbybay

• photography by Lily Glass for sfgirlbybay.

• This is a sponsored post in partnership with Sprout by HP, and all words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep sfgirlbybay going with fresh content every day.

simply styling.

simply styled dining space / sfgirlbybay

belathée photography.

sometimes simple just wins. have you ever heard that rule that says before you leave the house, take one thing off? i do this all the time, and i often apply that theory to interiors, too — because it works. i tend to want to add layer upon layer of styled objects, just like jewelry, so if i remove one accessory the room tends to open up and look a lot better. here’s some rooms and vignettes, very simply styled that work for me, 100%.

simply styled vases / sfgirlbybay


simply styled dining room / sfgirlbybay

Côté maison.

simply styled living space / sfgirlbybay

Birgitta Drejer photography for bo bedre (above + below).

simply styled nook / sfgirlbybay

simply styled spaces / sfgirlbybay

ledansla; rock paper dresses; and stokperd.

simply styled fruit branches / sfgirlbybay

dreamy whites online.

simply styled coffee table / sfgirlbybay

belathée photography.

simply styled spaces / sfgirlbybay

dreamy whites online; jardenist; dreamy whites online; and rock paper dresses.

simply styled using plants / sfgirlbybay

pop & scott.

simply styled cactus mural / sfgirlbybay

watercolor cactus mural from anewalldecor.

simply styled shelving space / sfgirlbybay

the dreslyn.

simply styled mantel with plants / sfgirlbybay