at home with: designer trine skoller.

designer trine skollers' home. / sfgirlbybay

one of my favorite online resources for great design, bolig magazine recently featured the home of designer trine skoller, and it’s a beauty. colorful and a little bit whimsical, trine has mixed traditional favorites with vintage flea market finds creating a home that’s truly eclectic and reflects the personality of its owner and her family. cozy, art-filled nooks are everywhere, and the home feels charming, unpretentious and inviting — the kind of space you’d like to curl up with a good book and a glass of wine, or — host a big dinner party with all your best friends. it’s just that enviable and inspiring mix of personal hideaway and welcoming weekend home. for the full home tour, visit bolig magazine.

whimsical home of designer trine skollers. / sfgirlbybay

art gallery wall. / sfgirlbybay

art gallery wall in home of designer trine skollers. / sfgirlbybay

designer trine skollers' dinign room. / sfgirlbybay

white modern kitchen. / sfgirlbybay

designer trine skollers' kitchen. / sfgirlbybay

designer trine skollers' whimsical home. / sfgirlbybay

art wall in designer trine skollers' home. / sfgirlbybay

designer trine skollers home tour. / sfgirlbybay

designer trine skollers bedroom. / sfgirlbybay

bedroom decor in home of designer trine skollers. / sfgirlbybay

designer trine skollers home via bolig magazine. / sfgirlbybay

• photography by Thomas Dahl for Bolig Magasinet.




new & noteworthy.

Stoneware Clay bowls by licorice moon studios. / sfgirlbybay

1. these Stoneware Clay bowls by licorice moon studios are so delicate and pretty — new leaf Gold Rimmed and Hand Painted — i wanna display these everywhere.

ahhh, summer’s here and you know how i know? cuz it’s over 90 degrees in L.A. and my AC, well it would appear it’s not quite up to snuff. homeownership can be a struggle, huh? but never fear — i’ve gone on the hunt for some light and lovely summer finds on this week’s new & noteworthy. cool, right? pun intended. chill out and enjoy!

new & noteworthy items. / sfgirlbybay

2. i drink a lot of iced coffee these days, so i’m trying to make environmentally healthy choices about the straws i use — thus, these pretty glass straws from food52 — love the colors!; 3. this pink cobra table lamp makes me glow a little on the inside — vintage modern love from artilleriet. as always their items are stunning; 4. i love my pink Handmade tote inspired by Matisse’s ‘Nadia au Menton Pointu.’ and now they’ve made a mint green version. oooh la la! Made by Peu Importe exclusively for Goodwin.

print by artist abbey Withington. / sfgirlbybay

5. corals from the sea — even the title of the print sounds like a trip to the beach. artist abbey Withington’s new prints have a unique charm all their own and i just adore ’em. coming soon!

 OAXACA .01 print BY ANDREW SHEPHERD via the citizenry. / sfgirlbybay

6. a longtime favorite for great furniture and homewares, the citizenry has a brand new travel print collection available, and it’s giving me summer wanderlust. my favorite is this OAXACA .01 print BY ANDREW SHEPHERD.

modern decor and accessries shopping guide. / sfgirlbybay

7. i’m terrible — i really do judge a book by it’s cover, but this book looks really interesting to me, too. reforma is a typographic essay of the signs that line Mexico City’s most prominent avenue. Each page includes a teeny-tiny map to show the location of the sign; 8. i love the elegant, but very vintage vibe this Godet lamp gives off. designed by Pedro Saninis, it’s inspired by the pleats of skirts Perfect for minimal, modern homes, so i had to have one.; 9. This is not a Japanese tatami mat for the floor. instead It’s a cozy throw for snuggling. designer karrie dean of happy habitat Just wanted to clear that up.

ivette rounded mirror. / sfgirlbybay

10. i love the shape and simplicity of this ivette rounded mirror. also quite handy — it’s got a nifty shelf for stashing your favorite bathroom bottles and baubles.

kitchen vinyl service. and pink tote bag. / sfgirlbybay

11. hey, looking for new music? look no further than turntable kitchen’s latest endeavor — sounds delicious is the only vinyl club that delivers limited edition cover albums that are works of art, and recorded by artists you love. rare vinyl delivered to your door. not only do they taste good, turntable kitchen sounds good, too; 12. and lastly i’m smitten with this kistchy South Beach Drawstring Shoulder Bag in Lullaby Pink. i’m always a sucker for a great tote with vintage vibes — time to hit the beach!




on trend: bauhaus.

blockshop textiles. / sfgirlbybay

sometimes i just start to notice images popping up on pinterest in a series of familiar shapes and lately it’s this bauhaus vibe i’ve been seeing. i went to an excellent bauhaus exhibit at LACMA of artist moholy-nagy and it reminded me how experimental the artists from this art movement were, and how much i love it. and then i began seeing its influences all over the place. from textiles designs by block shop, to tile floors to wrapping paper from accompany, and typefaces, too. i think bauhaus might be back on trend — although its certainly a classic, and for me it never went out of fashion. it’s definitely a favorite of mine.

bauhaus prints. / sfgirlbybaybauhaus inspired tile work. / sfgirlbybaybauhaus prints. / sfgirlbybay bowie in bauhaus inspired costume. / sfgirlbybaybauhaus inspired textiles. / sfgirlbybaybauhaus inspired art print. / sfgirlbybayblack and white bauhaus style inspiration. / sfgirlbybayblockshop textile scarf. / sfgirlbybayblack and white bauhaus inspired prints. / sfgirlbybayblockshop textiles showroom. / sfgirlbybay

•image credits in order of appearance: @blockshoptextiles; bauhaus; artist brian rea; Barcelona Print Wrapping Paper by the dharma door from accompany; cult / xxviii; Josef Muller-Brockmann’s Beethoven poster; block shop textiles’ ripple pillow; David Bowie costume, 1973, by Kansai Yamamoto; uh huh by tauba auerbach; block shop textiles’ temple scarf; quarter circle tiles by smink things; 8 by sawdust design; hable construction’s rise print from revitaliste; le Corbusier by Oat Creative; it’s a long story by artist sarah maxey; new artwork from @maraserene; bauhaus theater study from bagtazo; watching eye print by artist jennifer ament; @timothy evans; Martin Munkacsi, Greta Garbo on vacation, 1932 via flavorwire; pamplemousse scarf by block shop textiles; tiny’s matchbook cover via frank kelsey; magnet pillow by block shop textiles; @blockshoptextiles.




to be or not to be: open shelving.

white modern kitchen with open shelving. / sfgirlbybay

the thing about buying an old house is that there are always renovations to make. you want your house to suit you perfectly, so it’s difficult to not look around constantly thinking how you might go about upgrading. sigh. now that i’ve finished my bathroom remodel, next comes the kitchen, and ouch does it get expensive. i’ve got ikea cabinetry in my current kitchen and it’s pretty nice, but what i’m debating about is taking down some of the existing cabinets and open up the kitchen a bit with open shelving. i have lowered ceilings but if i knock those out i’ll have beautifully beamed ceilings like these pictured up top. i really love the way this looks, and i like my dishes and glassware enough to display them out in the open. i know everyone speaks of the hassle of extra cleaning, but i plan to keep it pretty minimal as far as exposed storage. so, to be or not to be opening shelving — that is the question of the week. would you like to weigh in?

white dishes on open shelving. / sfgirlbybaylittle white kitchen with beamed ceilings. / sfgirlbybay ceramic dishes on open shelves. / sfgirlbybay arched doorway in kitchen. / sfgirlbybay open shelving. / sfgirlbybay tall white shelves. / sfgirlbybay modern white kitchen. / sfgirlbybay pendant lamps on chain in rustic kitchen. / sfgirlbybayopen blue shelves in white kitchen. / sfgirlbybay white open kitchen shelves. / sfgirlbybaywhite walls in small kitchen. / sfgirlbybay white walls in eclectic kitchen. / sfgirlbybaywhite open shelves. / sfgirlbybay

• photography credits in order of appearance: remodelista; kara rosenlund’s kitchen via inside out magazine; My Paradissi; @maraserene; giorgio baroni for elle decoration; Sjoerd Eickmans photography; rue scenic; freunde von freunden; tom delavan; @essicacomingore; gravity home; jj locations; the glitter guide; desire to inspire; aston konaté; atelier doré; roseuniacke’s kitchen via vogue; frankly esoteric; est living; tessa hop’s home via live loud girl; beth kirby’s kitchen via simon said; @mizmaggieb.


friday finds.

feminine pink wall and copper pendant lights. / sfgirlbybay

i’m not certain of the reasons why, but it would appear i’m feeling a tad on the flirty and feminine side today — one might almost say, victorian. perhaps i can blame it on binge watching the crown, or the fact that it’s officially summer, and that always lightens my mood — and our layers. off go the jackets and sweaters and on go the flowy sundresses and strappy sandals. might i suggest you treat yourself to an afternoon of high tea, or a day trip to your local spa or salon for a dose of what i’m sure is well-deserved pampering? maybe it’s time for a pink pedi to get those toes flip-flop ready. happy friday, everyone, happy summer. xo, victoria

  1. i love the styling in this bedroom — the ephemera casually pinned to the walls, the pink bedspread, and even a tophat — a clever little detail.
  2. the pairing of this swedish fireplace, high ceilings and ornate crown moulding with modern furniture really rings my bells. love it!
  3. this fireplace mantel styling is spot-on. i love all the vintage layering from the sconces to the tassles and prints — just lovely.
  4. from a lightly over the top pink salon to a shimmery pink and gold velvet robe, this is all 100% girly.
  5. this is a beautiful bedroom and the color palette looks like a most soothing space in which to rest our weary heads after the long week.
  6. are you the romantic that saves your long-dead flower bouquets? then this little bit of styling is right up your sentimental alley.
  7. everything about this bedroom is romantic too, but with a vintage modern vibe. very restful, and with those always enviable high ceilings.
  8. and this is probably the most victorian bedroom — just look at those marie antonette-worthy ceilings — but throw in a platform bed and black steel doors and it’s simply transformed!

vintage ornate cabinett with fireplace. / sfgirlbybay vintage sconces and marble mantle. / sfgirlbybay feminine pink decor. / sfgirlbybay electic bedroom with black and gold mantle and pink bedding. / sfgirlbybay feminine bedroom decor. / sfgirlbybay white bedroom with subtle pink details. / sfgirlbybayrustic pink paint in minimalist vintage bedroom. / sfgirlbybay