Anh-Minh Le.


“Ultimately, my home is a representation of my past, present, and future. From one of my favorite spots in the house—the daybed in the living room—I can see an abstract painting acquired from a gallery in Vietnam (where I was born); an overflowing container of matchbooks (picked up during various trips); stacks of research material for the articles I’m currently... 
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day in the life of an anthology editor.


i was lucky enough to be invited by anthology co-founder and magazine editor-in-chief anh-minh le to photograph her, her lovely home and her beautiful wardrobe for refinery29 a few weeks ago. the post is now live on refinery29 — so come take a peek inside anh-minh’s beautiful northern california home, and join me in obsessing over her shoe collection! and oh yeah,... 
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guest post: Anh-Minh.

As a kid, one of my favorite toys was the TOMY Fashion Plates, which basically consisted of plastic templates that you could mix and match to create ensembles. Although I’ve long abandoned any dreams of a career in couture, my interest in fashion illustrations was recently renewed – thanks to a trip to the Alameda flea market with interior designer Grant K. Gibson. Grant... 
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