Anh-Minh Le.


“Ultimately, my home is a representation of my past, present, and future. From one of my favorite spots in the house—the daybed in the living room—I can see an abstract painting acquired from a gallery in Vietnam (where I was born); an overflowing container of matchbooks (picked up during various trips); stacks of research material for the articles I’m currently... 
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the view from here.


the view from here this week: 1. well, well…here’s something to tweet. haha — pun intended. this is just but one of london-based artist claire brewster’s magnificent map papercuts. ahhhh, go on — put a bird on it, just one more time. via trendland. 2. do you like poloroids? do you like things just a little bit off-kilter? i mean that in the best... 
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anthology in amsterdam.


it seems like eons ago, but last summer i spent some time in amsterdam, but i couldn’t chat about it because i was on a special assignment for anthology magazine to cover the city, so it was a bit on the hush-hush. but the new issue of anthology is out, and my story lives on its pretty pages, so now i can tell you what a wonderful trip it was! the story includes a shopping... 
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