kim west limited edition prints + a giveaway.


meet kim west — a fine artist living in los angeles, who has recently launched a new webshop. kim shares limited edition prints and original tiny paintings, but her usual work consists of medium to fairly large paintings (even mural projects!), but in the shop kim’s offering work that is more approachable with respect to wall space and depth of our pocket books.... 
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lisa congdon: a studio visit and a brand new book.


a long while back i shared bay area artist lisa congdon’s san francisco studio with you. well, lisa congdon now lives across the bay and has a brand new (but old, loft-style) studio in east oakland. she also has a brand new book out, Art, Inc.: The Essential Guide for Building Your Career as an Artist — so it was the perfect excuse to drop in for a visit. lisa... 
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tastes orangey | a giveaway.


Pee Wee Herman summed up Clare Elsaesser’s feelings towards the good things in life in an episode of Pee Wee’s Playhouse about popsicle making: “mmmmm, tastes orangey.” northern california artist Clare Elsaesser opened her etsy shop tastes orangey in this spirit and began painting full time and has been supporting herself through art sales since 2009.... 
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artist in residence: kirra jamison.


australian Artist Kirra Jamison’s home is in the current issue of Inside Out Magazine. not only am i smitten by her beautifully eclectic and colorful home, but her artwork as well. how could one stay sad in a room containing a painting by kirra? Kirra Jamison is a Melbourne artist known for her brightly coloured gouache and vinyl paintings that are influenced by textile... 
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matchbook gallery.


well, these may be the coolest thing i’ve seen in a while. artist krista charles creates Graphite drawings inside matchbook covers based on Google Street Views. i mean, who thinks of these things? i want to live in that brain. these have such sweet stories behind them too — krista adds little background notes — like the spot ‘destroyed by hurricane... 
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