les copirates.


french collaborators les copirates launched in 2009, Creating, editing and designing mainly with textile and paper and all hybrids of these materials “streaming in a joyful exchange of ideas and experiences”. french collaborators copirates also offer Editions from collaborations with other artists and shares their discoveries of other cultures — sharing things... 
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dead presidents.


i think the movie ‘lincoln’ (which is wonderful) may have made presidents into a trend. or maybe it was the recent presidential election. whatever the case, i love these limited edition giclee prints from original gouache paintings by artist elisabeth mayville. there’s something so sweet about these paintings, even gerald ford — our 38th president,... 
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coffeeklatch | creative chitchat.


i stumbled upon a wonderful website this weekend (as the rain poured down in san francisco, rendering us all house bound) called coffeeklatch — creative chitchat. i even love the name — much like the selby or freunde von freunden it’s a site that features creative people and the fascinating spaces they occupy. whether it be their homes, or their studios so... 
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studio spaces: in the make.


i don’t know if you’ve ever checked out the blog In The Make before, but i’m a big fan. i love peeking into artist’s studios! they’ve got a brand new website — they’ve been working to create a site that perfectly suits their needs — In addition to it looking way hotter, they’ve added a Happenings page to share local art events... 
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learn to paint? yes, please.


it’s that time again — time to get your paint on! Get Your Paint On: A Five Week Painting Class for Beginners and Life-long Learners starts up again this month — April 16 – May 20. if you’ve always wanted to start painting but don’t know where or how to begin, or are just Feeling stuck in your existing art practice and need a little kick in... 
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