bodie and fou 7

Hello — Lori of automatism here, with a little home inspiration while Victoria is busy moving into her own new home. Home is a reflection of who you are. The books you read, the music you listen to, the art and photos you love, even the meals you choose to prepare — all of these are aspects of your personality. This is why, when visiting the homes of friends, it’s... 
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guest post: automatism.


Hello, it’s Lori of automatism here — and today I thought I’d share some classic French style with you, inspired by Victoria’s exciting trip to Paris. This is the home of legendary designer Dominique Kieffer, and it’s a brilliant example of the sort of understated elegance that the French do so well. I love how the earthy palette of browns, greiges... 
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guest post: think pink.

Hello, it’s Lori of automatism here, and today I’m sharing a favourite post of mine that I guarantee will instantly make you feel cheerful! Laura’s Danish home is an ode to the very feminine colour pink, and her sophisticated use of it against a neutral background of white keeps it modern and fresh as well as pretty. I find this space so inspiring to look... 
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guest post: Stockholm Style from Automatism.

Hello, I’m Lori of Automatism, and today I’d like to share with you a favourite space of mine — the stunningly lovely home of Maria and Lars in Stockholm, which I discovered on Sköna hem. It pretty much sums up all of my big likes in a home — white walls, mid-century modern classics, fantastic art and pops of great colour. Enjoy. [ thanks again to guest... 
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Summer Snapshots.

The lovely lori langille of the blog automatism is sharing bloggers’ summer snapshots. Today, she’s featuring a snapshot of one of my fondest memories of growing up in The San Fernando Valley…ahhh, those hot summer nights! I’ve not soon forgotten them. Thanks for sharing Lori! For more of Lori’s series of snapshots, check out Automatism.  
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