things go better with pink.


i guess it’s no surprise i have a fondness for pink — shades of pale pink most especially. it’s a color that just compliments every other color. it’s very generous that way — from black to navy to nude, pink just makes every other color look better. whether they’ve decorated completely over the top and gone ornate baroque with pink, or it’s... 
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a little bit baroque.


as i’ve mentioned, i’m in the midst of remodeling my bathroom and i’m going for a look i’m not exactly sure how to describe. i was inspired by a medley of styles and it turns out it’s just a little bit baroque. it’s also a lot of other things, though too — bohemian modern, moroccan-inspired, and just a little funky. it’s an eclectic... 
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vintage finds for a modern world: francophiles.

via .natasha. I love a bit of French flair. Crazy, over the top ornate, or elegant with feminine detail, it’s all got a great sense of drama and seems to tell a story. Rooms decorated this stylishly have history and make you wonder more about the prior life of each piece of furnishing. I looked for some images that had that European feel to me, tall ceilings with wide... 
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