a new addition.


i just wanted to share a quick little update to my bathroom gallery. i went over to shoot christine & carlos of MCMF’s a few weeks ago (their house tour is here), and they gave me this lovely little painting to add to my collection – the waterfall scene on the lower right. i love it! i’ve just decided to go nutty in my weird little pink and blue tiled... 
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a room to rest.


sitting here wondering what i might share with you today, when i came upon this great old neon sign on how to be a retronaut. and then it came to me – le bain, the loo, the bathroom – that place occasionally called the restroom. but one can only truly rest when one’s bathroom is decked out as luxuriously as we deserve (like with that lovely reclaimed tub... 
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guest post: susannah conway.

the lovely and very talented photographer Susannah conway and the unravelling e-courses, is bringing you ‘Polaroids from Bath’. Hey everybody! So happy to be in Victoria’s space while she’s enjoying a well-deserved holiday, and oh my, it’s so tempting to run amok on her blog while she’s not looking! I thought about sharing Polaroids from my recent trip... 
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Tub Time.

I adore spending alone time in my bathroom. I love soaking in a big bubble bath, candles lit, a glass of Pinot at an easy reach. Ahhh, a little slice of heaven. Just me and Mr. Bubbles. Privacy, quiet time to soak in the day’s events and clear the head. So, I try hard to keep my bathroom an organized, clean and feminine space to luxuriate in. I found some inspiring and... 
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