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royal roulette. i shared kirsten’s bathroom makeover project a short while ago, and ever since then i keep coming across similar scenarios: the vintage vanity. Kirsten used a mid-century modern credenza in place of a traditional bathroom cabinet in her client’s bathroom and added a marble top and the results were quite stunning, and honestly, surprising. i’d thought... 
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A Bathroom is Reborn.

bathroom remodel / sfgirlbybay

I’ve got the teeny tiniest bathroom and have been trying to brainstorm on how to remodel it to add more space. So when interior stylist and beloved blogger Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove sent me photos of her recent remodel project I was inspired! The space was once a bedroom, and her client needed a master bath so they split the bedroom in half to create the bathroom.... 
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diy, bb.


i’m calling this post — do it yourself, but better. if you follow along here often you know i’m not the best at diy projects. sure, i can paint a wall, or repurpose a piece of furniture. but actually make something? not so much. i’m just not that good at it. but this week i enlisted the assistance of my new marketing editor (everyone, meet jeannine... 
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fab friday.


hello, and welcome to fab friday. at least we all had a short week, right? i thought you might enjoy a bit of down time this weekend in your very own kitschy little bathroom, and so i recreated this one from country living magazine for you. wasn’t that nice of me? enjoy your bath. i think you should add bubbles. 1. Vintage oil painting portrait of Great Aunt Ruby from... 
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i spy: vanity fair.


my inner girlie girl has always longed for a vanity. you know, the kind where you pull up a sweet little tufted chair and brush your long locks like 800 times as your loved one looks on in awe and admiration. your lipsticks and perfumes scattered about in reckless and feminine disarray, revealing a fashionable woman on the go. yeah, one of those. they’ve got this romantic... 
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