dream state.


The Apartment by The Line via elle decoration. i’m having one of those crazy weeks where i’d just like to lie down for a while. a long while. dream a little dream — or two or three. any one of these beautiful bedrooms would do the trick, don’t you think? and these are all low, platform beds (some even created from wood pallets) so i could just crawl... 
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serenity now.


home for sale on Stadshem, via emmas design blogg. i’m just home from a long weekend away which was so wonderful. you know how when you leave town and go on holiday, the prospect of it is just so exciting? sleeping in a new place, with new adventures ahead. and then, after a week or so, maybe even less than that, you have a hankering for something a bit more familiar.... 
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rustic charm.


i’ve moved into this crazy san francisco earthquake cottage and the oddness of certain nooks and crannies never cease to amaze, and yet charm me. i’m constantly discovering some oddity of architecture and wondering, ‘why the heck did they do that?‘. as in all rustic spaces that certain vintage charm can go a long way — and if doesn’t you... 
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bedtime for bonzo.


between my girl’s weekend away and the jonathan adler event last night, holy cow, i’m one tired girl! all that inspiration sent my brain into overload. i need to crawl back under the covers this morning, so today i’m rounding up some bedtime looks. sounds good right? i like simple bedrooms, with super soft, high thread count sheets, comfy covers, duvets,... 
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fit for a queen.


the cool hunter. some people collect stamps, dolls or china. me, i’ve been collecting bedrooms. lush ones, ones that are fit for queen. not just a queen-sized bed, mind you. nope, just really luxurious ones. the kind of bed you want to linger in and sleep really late, or crawl into on a rainy day and laze about and read a favorite book. the sumptuous ones you can’t... 
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