wear this there: the cold pressed juicery.


we’ve long been looking for our very own emerald green city, and it’s possible that amsterdam’s coolest juice bar, the cold pressed juicery, is the urban version. just as fortuitous as the one in Oz, this little stop in is brimming with good juices and enough eye candy to curb your hunger. a minimalist meets statement makers dream come true, we would wear... 
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let there be lights!


one of the things i miss most about living in san francisco, are the bridges and the way they make the city truly unique — connecting san francisco to the ‘mainland’, i can attest that driving across them never gets old. the bay bridge has been refurbished and with that industrious restoration, it’s been reborn. it’s also being re-lit —... 
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cycling, made stylish.


so, you know how biking is really good for you, and for the environment, right? well there’s a new bike in town, public bikes, started by rob forbes, the same guy that started┬áDesign Within Reach, the company that brought high design to the general public. rob’s now created public — lightweight, steel framed bikes in fabulous colors, designed for city ... 
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blissful inspiration.

Good morning! It’s me again, Mrs. French. I so look forward to my mornings here on sfgirlbybay… I remember my very first bicycle, “the desert rose”…it was red with a white banana seat, and streamers from the handlebars. I loved that bike with all my heart. I have the same giddiness today…I went into my local bike shop and ordered a bicycle... 
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