bitchin’ kitchen.


so if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that i loathe my current kitchen’s color scheme. the tile is, ugh, yellow and burgundy. burgundy probably being one of my least favorite colors. ever. so, one of the things high on the plus side of having to move is that the kitchen in my new place is black & white. with hardwood floors! i couldn’t... 
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that old black magic.


as i hunt around for inspiration for my new apartment i’m finding myself steering towards black and white again, with a lot of neutrals and natural woods thrown in for good measure. i think i will always be drawn to the clean, fresh scandinavian look, with mid-century modern accents. danish modern furniture and lighting designed in that era is just so uniquely stunning... 
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the shutterbugs: Jansje Klazinga.


i came across the beautiful photography of amsterdam-based Jansje Klazinga on facebook, where she hosts many images from her portfolio. love these spare, but stunning interiors. for more of jansje work, check out her facebook page.  
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in my element.


i love every single one of these rooms, and strive for their graceful simplicity, their utter calm. in these rooms, i’m in my element — no feelings of too much clutter or an overly decorated room. just tasteful, ever so stylish, vintage-modern blissed out rooms with some awe-inspiring classic accessories and lighting. i’ll take them all, please. stylist... 
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the new bohemians.


sometimes all it takes to liven up a room and add a bohemian touch is one big bang! start with a neutral palette and add a signature piece that everybody will immediatley be inquiring about. or add lots of pattern and color — like anthropologie’s amalia stripes pillow and some fun fuzzy love, like their fleece flounce pillows. hang a bold piece of artwork, or prominently... 
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