home, at last.


it’s beginning to look a lot like home around here. after many weeks of purging and packing up 1,000 square feet to move it all about 10 blocks away, into about 600 square feet, we’re finally making some real progress. i like it here. a lot. it’s peaceful and quiet and though it’s tiny and old, i’m trying to make it into a modern cottage. i look... 
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modern cottage.


ever since i found out i was moving into a cozy cottage, i’ve been daydreaming away about how i’ll be decorating it. although it’s an older victorian cottage, it’s been modernized — almost too much, so we’re ripping up carpeting and restoring fir wood floors and replacing bad lighting fixtures (and i mean really bad) and white washing the... 
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bitchin’ kitchen.


so if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that i loathe my current kitchen’s color scheme. the tile is, ugh, yellow and burgundy. burgundy probably being one of my least favorite colors. ever. so, one of the things high on the plus side of having to move is that the kitchen in my new place is black & white. with hardwood floors! i couldn’t... 
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that old black magic.


as i hunt around for inspiration for my new apartment i’m finding myself steering towards black and white again, with a lot of neutrals and natural woods thrown in for good measure. i think i will always be drawn to the clean, fresh scandinavian look, with mid-century modern accents. danish modern furniture and lighting designed in that era is just so uniquely stunning... 
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the shutterbugs: Jansje Klazinga.


i came across the beautiful photography of amsterdam-based Jansje Klazinga on facebook, where she hosts many images from her portfolio. love these spare, but stunning interiors. for more of jansje work, check out her facebook page.  
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