guest post: bloesem’s look at bamboo.


today we’re getting a glimpse at life in kuala lumpur, from irene of the lovely blog bloesem. Our garden in Kuala Lumpur is full of bamboo and I have really come to appreciate this incredibly strong and eco-friendly plant — although having the fastest growing plant on earth in your garden poses some challenges. but the crisp green colors of its leaves and retro... 
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Unexpected Guests: Bloesem.

I’ve been anticipating this post for a few weeks now, and I am so happy to bring you the home of Irene Hoofs, of the lovely Bloesem, one of my very favorite design blogs. Irene’s home is one of our more exotic locales, as she resides in Kuala Lumpur…in Malaysia, but was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. How very cosmopolitan! Irene’s blog is full of amazing... 
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Bloesem’s World Tour.

I was super excited when Irene from one of my favorite design blogs, Bloesem, asked me to contribute to her World Tour. Irene asked some her of fellow bloggers to contribute a couple of posts about our favorite interior designer/artist/photographers, as well as share something special about our cities; a restaurant, shop, cafe, museum etc. A little something special that might... 
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