a personal chat with garance doré.


today, we’re in for something rather special — SFGirlByBay contributor, and founder of Vérité Published Michaela d’artois relays her recent chat with the very enchanting Garance Doré. Garance Doré on Being a Broke Illustrator, French Girls, and Her New Book! She’s insanely down-to-earth — so much so that greeting her feels like coming upon an... 
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good reads: Chic Boutiquers at Home.


author ellie tennant has a brand new book out, entitled Chic Boutiquers at Home — and it’s quite a clever concept. featuring twelve online store owners, the concept only makes perfect sense me — if you’re truly fond of a shop’s look it’s only natural you may love the look of their homes, too. ellie takes a look at these shop owners’... 
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a pinboard in particular: a book by its cover.


this is my latest pinboard in particular — i call it a book by its cover and it’s a collection of vintage book covers that i fell in love with. like so many things, they very often don’t design ’em like they used to. always exceptions to this rule, but i love the graphics and typefaces i found in these book covers. bol.com and the accidental optimist. george... 
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inspired by: stranger on a plane.


on a recent plane ride home from los angeles, i sat next to an elderly woman who was reading an aged copy of emma, perhaps from the 40’s. i noticed the price tag on the cover was $1.10 and asked her if she had purchased the original copy. she had indeed, and she very kindly allowed me to photograph the book with my iphone. talk about a weird juxtaposition of technology... 
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good reads: judging a book by its cover.


okay, so i’ve got a mean blog-slash-girl crush on door sixteen. anna dorfman just oozes style, and really, really good taste. i knew she was a graphic designer, but, i did not really realize that she designs beautiful book covers. i’m a sucker for a great book jacket, and when i saw these, i just had to share. oh anna, not only can you track down the best of the... 
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