Big Fringe garlands from oh happy day! i am not really a DIY kinda girl. sure, i can paint a room, or hang a few pictures but when it comes to crafts of any kind, it’s not really my forte. i’m┬ámore of a DDIY’er – don’t do it yourself. so thankfully for all of us, there are an abundance of bloggers out there that excel beyond expectations in this... 
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hot pink high drama.


fashions designers at home. beyond the culture and the history, one of the things i am most interested in seeing when i travel to cuba is the color. that well-worn, faded patina finish that can only come with years of weathering. there’s a certain vibe architecture and interiors take on when they’ve been left untouched for a long time and i find it so beautiful.... 
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friday finds.


well, i’ve got some crazy news today. the fact is, i’m retiring. yep, that’s the big, dramatic news today. i’m gone. outta here. good luck to one and all. APRIL FOOLS. not you, me — i’m the big silly fool around here. so this week’s friday finds are only about the fun. fooling around. jolly good times. nonsense and frivolity. and,... 
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we recently moved into a new house and the concept of “home” has never been more on my mind. one thing i have noticed lately is how incredible walking in the front door is after a work trip, or finally getting back into your own bed after being away. here are some little moments from around my home… home is the treasures we collect along the way and the stories... 
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blogshop video: coming to san francisco.


have you heard? blogshop video is coming to san francisco! i signed up for this video making class the minute i heard about and had hoped to take the los angeles class, but then news of my move happened and i had to postpone. but i’m so psyched to be taking the class here in san francisco. i’ve been really hoping to create more original content and share some video... 
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