just a teaspoon, please.


studio ditte has a brand new design out — teaspoon wallpaper! Their very charming wallpaper tells a tale of elegant spoons, forks for posh cakes and old keys of forgotten rooms. A motley collection, subtly decorated with colored threads and licks of paint. the studio ditte birdhouse wallpaper is fun too, so check that out.  
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goth squad.


one of the things i love about living etc. magazine is that it never fails to represent that brilliant kind of british style that they are so well-known for. it’s equal parts old london flat with tall ceilings and extraordinary vintage crown molding — meets this dramatic dash of goth style with a modern yet feminine swagger, and often with a sense of dark humor.... 
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tuesday’s girl: adele.


the beautiful and powerfully gifted adele graces the cover of vogue this march and she’s never looked more lovely. now, i know what you’re thinking…retouched. but hey, i’d like them to retouch me up a bit so i’d look this, especially if i were going to be in the pages of vogue. and regardless of any retouching here, i think it’s safe to... 
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in my dreams, i live here: london town.


there’s no doubt about it, i love me a bit of london. my grandmother lucy was from leicester, england, and i think much of her has rubbed off on me. i love the charm, and the friendly faces, i love the pastel-colored row houses on notting hill’s cobblestone streets. the merry shops, and having high tea. i love the 60’s brit-pop and i love all the history.... 
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vintage finds for a modern world: make it mod.


artist michael gillette sent me a link to his new james bond prints available at eclectric works in san francisco, (below) and it got me thinking about a mod world — mid-century, brit-pop mod. i love the glamorous lines and bold colors of the 1960’s, so i thought i’d round up some fun mod vintage-inspired finds. yeah, baby. clockwise, l to r: james bond... 
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