around l.a. / l & e oyster bar.


A Silver Lake staple, L & E Oyster Bar offers one of the best happy hours around. The restaurant opened in 2012 by a diverse and well-equipped team with a passion for good food and drinks. Executive chef Spencer Bezaire is in daily communication with several oyster farmers up and down the North American coast lines. Once he places his order, it’s a mere 12-18 hours... 
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around l.a. / salt air venice.


The perfect addition to Venice’s popular Abbott Kinney strip, Salt Air offers a bright, refreshing environment for a respite in the middle of your beach day or a lovely date night (be sure to make a reservation, as tables fill up fast in the evening!). Executive Chef Greg A. Daniels hails from NYC and sources some of the best seasonal seafood around. Non-distilled spirits... 
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freudian brew.


Freud is a small British design house currently debuting their coffee and tea ware collection in the U.S.A. Created in 1986 by the Freud family, Freud (still very much a family business) specializes in producing simple, modern, functional design products for the home. theirs is a super stylish stainless steel coffee and tea ware collection, available to lucky europeans since... 
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08 Outerlands

Outerlands is a restaurant committed to doing things right. With a focus on collaborating with local organic farms & specialty food purveyors–they have created a menu full of delicious dishes. If you’re anything like me … you do brunch often. And let me tell you friends, Outerlands, will make you cry sweet little tears of joy. It’s just that good. A... 
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food for thought: hooker’s sweet treats.


recently i met some friends for coffee at a fairly new spot tucked away just below nob hill in the tenderloin. i did not know however, when i was headed to hooker’s that is was that hooker’s — hooker’s sweet treats! i’d been a huge (make that ‘crazed’) fan of hooker’s salted caramels for a long while, and whenever friends are... 
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