real art for a fictitious world.


sigh… holly golightly (the heroine of the 1961 classic, breakfast at tiffany’s). she is so elegant, so beautiful, and oh, so lost. you know what i’m going to suggest, right? yes! art!!! ok. i added the art part to that quote, but she needs it right? right! i’m sure it would make her feel so much more at home in her bare apartment that she shares with... 
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[talking pictures: vivienne strauss].

this tuesday’s [talking pictures] is a very sweet one, and it’s from one of my favorite artists and flickr friends, vivienne strauss. vivienne just moved to Portland, Oregon with her husband, (also an artist!) Matte Stephens and their wonderful menagerie of cats. Vivienne is a wonderful artist who also likes to collect vintage ceramic poodles, is a big fan of old... 
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