guide to shopping vintage.


as you probably know, i’m a huge fan of incorporating vintage pieces into modern decor — thus my motto ‘bohemian modern style from a san francisco girl’. adding vintage collections makes everything just so more interesting, and helps your home tell stories — about you, and what you love. for me, i’m a bit of a nut when it comes to collecting... 
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older the better.


i can fully appreciate and even love modern design pieces, but i guess i’m mostly drawn to a mix of old and new, and i especially have an odd affection for vintage-inspired chairs and stools. they seem to hold a sense of history for me, and usually some unique type of design where Beauty meets function. i love this collection of chairs above and below — albeit... 
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industry west.


how cute is this? pretty darn cute, right? i love all the snappy stuff at industry west. it’s versatile, good-lookin’ and attainable (i.e. affordable style). and the folks at industry west give back, too. through your purchases they donate to support organizations that help children, family, the arts, and community-building so that they can nurture that same sense... 
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four guys and a woodshop.


under the cloak of oft-gray skies, the outer sunset district of san francisco is full of wonderful and well-kept little secrets. sometimes, i think the locals might like it that way, but when i discover one of them, they surprise me there too and seem more than happy to share. one of those spots is woodshop, recently started by four young men, surfers from the neighborhood... 
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chairs. chairs are my thing. the thing i can’t live without, the things i covet. like this pair of awesome eames wire chairs, the very cool looking patio chair from la silla acapulco (i think i could even live with it indoors). and this big hunk of handsome black leather chair from rue and this gray one shot by pierre-jean verger — swoon!  
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