give books | a giveaway.


chronicle would like us to give more books, and i couldn’t agree more. at the holidays i’m more than likely to purchase books for family and friends than any other gift. books are lasting, books are beautiful, and i think Books make the perfect gift: They’re intimate, They can inspire creativity and transport you to another world. Whether you love the smell... 
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your 15 minutes of instagram fame.


if you follow me on instagram, you’re probably pretty aware i am slightly addicted to documenting my life there. i even have my own page on the blog dedicated to my instagram stream. so, This is happening, and if you’re an Instagram addict too, chronicle books may choose one of your photos to be included in their new book — a collection of instagram photographs... 
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a visit with chronicle.


i dropped into chronicle books last week for a fun little meet and greet. located in a beautifully renovated old brick building complete with solar-power, it’s a wonderful work space they have created here in san francisco. it’s the ideal spot to brainstorm, create, and develop the plethora of art and design books in their independent publishing roster. thanks... 
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fab friday.


today’s fab friday is really fab, because i am loving i’ve signed up for a lot of these discount sites, but fab seems to be the one i consistently find things i really want – not just stuff to clutter up my home because it’s on sale. i hate it when i get sucked in to those kinds of sales. but features tons of great design — from... 
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tuesday’s girl: alyson fox.


yep, it’s a bit more about alyson fox. but this, time it’s about her photographs. you see, the woman is very talented. not in the, “oh, how annoying” way. nope — it’s in the inspiring way. Through a series of chance encounters and word of mouth (no pun intended), The only thread tying this series of women together was a willingness to wear... 
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