where in the world are we?


bonnie dain, via lilla rogers. there’s a new online class over on skillshare and i am all signed up! i love maps – adore them. ever since i was a little kid and my dad kept a stash of maps in the glovebox of our vw bug i’ve been fascinated with them. we’d take road trips and i loved to see where all the pretty little colored lines would take us. so... 
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designlovefest | pins.


so a while ago i was laying in bed thinking about how much i wanted to travel to germany. so i figured there would be no better way to do that, then to teach a blogshop in berlin! (you know, the photoshop class Victoria took recently!) so, we are headed there in october, and I am already thinking about what I am going to pack, where I am going to eat and what adventures... 
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’tis the diy season!


hey east coast crafters! if you’re in the NY area this weekend design*sponge is doing a DIY wreath-building class with amy merrick at the brooklyn flea’s ‘GIFTED’ fair this weekend. the whole class is only $40 and it gets you all the supplies and decorations for creating a 10-12 inch wreath. they’ll be decorating with greens, pinecones, berries... 
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home ec-traordinaire!


oh, those crafty girls from Home Ec are at it again, with a brand new online class! Home Ec is an online sewing class for beginners, like me (no sewing experience needed!) and those of you interested in developing your sewing skills. The Home Ec class is a ‘take it at your own pace’ class, beginning August 10th that includes 3 Guides, 26 step-by-step Projects... 
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