pssst, portland. meet maven collective.


lucky, lucky portland. there’s a brand new collective in town, a brick and mortar vintage shop, maven collective right there under your very noses in the neighborhood of montavilla. do you have any idea how lucky that makes you? maven collective consists of kim ludy of ethanollie, sue teso of solstice home, rebekah dortmund of little byrd vintage, and jacklyn arvin who... 
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tuesday’s girl: makeshift society supply closet.


pssst…did you guys know makeshift society has a pop-up shop? yep, there’s a small (very small!) space within makeshift — that’s why rena called the pop-up supply closet. Curator is the makeshift Supply Closet tenant for the month of October — sharing a sampling from their noe valley boutique showcasing their line of clothing designed and produced... 
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tuesday’s girl: emerson fry.


the emerson fry shops are open, and i for one am slightly panic-stricken. i pretty much covet the whole fall line, and would love to have any one of the lovely pieces from their collection adorning my body. sign me up for the sumptuous slippers, golden lennon boots and that Signature Emerson Leopard print coat on Belgian linen — i love everything single thing from emerson... 
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tuesday’s girl: imogene + willie.


imogene + willie is a denim company based out of a renovated old service station in Nashville, Tennessee that i’ve only recently discovered. they’ve just announced the launch of their Autumn 2012 women’s collection, and i am overall, well just quite smitten. the imogene + willie owners Matt and Carrie Eddmenson are extremely passionate about creating quality... 
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tuesday’s girl: hanging out.


sometimes clothes look pretty before we even put them on our backs. like an art form, they don’t need to adorn our bodies, they just look great all on their own. like these collections from some of the fashionistas featured on the coveteur. i probably couldn’t get away with many of these looks, but that doesn’t mean i can’t dream up my own versions... 
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