real art for a fictitious world.


ah, bonjour! i’ve been wanting to buy art for this lovely lady for quite some time! the quiet, sweet, odd, and heroic amélie poulin (the lovely main character of 2001 french film, amélie). let me introduce you: oh these paintings! they make me want to hop on a plane immediately just so i can spend an afternoon at a parisian cafe… after i’ve bought fresh... 
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ah, spring is in the air, and this gorgeous entry way in a japanese home is definitely airy! and just to make it especially springy, there’s even a little bird perched permanently on the gorgeous exposed beams. he inspired me to do this: yep, you guessed it – this is the ‘put a bird on it’ edition of art goes here! ready? oh the fabulous collage work... 
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bits and bobs.


sometimes, i just see an image, like this harlequin wrapping paper via studio magazine above, and it sparks a search in me. i just enjoy finding beautiful images to share with you. there’s not a lot of method to my madness – just some bits and bobs that create inspiration for me. i hope you like them as much as i do. i love the internet, don’t you? clockwise,... 
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tea party with oscar wilde.


i stumbled upon these lovely collages from tea party with oscar wilde on flickr, and just had to share. so very pretty, no?  
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lonny shares a look.


the new issue of lonny is live, and it’s full of fantastic color, wonderful artwork and a stylish group of gorgeous home galleries. the art of display seems quite a prominent theme in the january/february issue, and is full of inspiring ideas for your own collections. there are some great examples of hanging artwork, and beautiful vignettes of uncluttered, but colorful... 
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