california sunshine.


sometimes, when you’re fresh outta flowers, you need to get creative. i see an empty vessel and i want to fill it with something pretty! and i always like having fresh flowers in the house — and i like going to the flower mart to get a week’s supply. they generally last a lot longer than a week when i buy them there, which is nice, too. but i didn’t... 
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petite vignette.


i love a simple, but personally moving vignette — collected items that draw your visitors in and cause them to wonder — where they came from, what they mean to you. putting them together is fun — think of it as the subtly stylish hat you wear to a party – eye catching, but not so over the top you look like you’re ready for the kentucky derby.... 
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PS I love you.


one claire day. i’m sure by now you’ve probably seen the Ikea PS cabinet popping up in more than one friend’s house. and most likely, inconspicuously so. its simple design and clean lines enable it to drop-in just about anywhere in a seemingly effortless and practical way. the PS cabinet’s simplicity lends itself to expression. it screams out for it.... 
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anthropologie: the magazine.


When decorating, a lot of us can’t just cut loose and spend a lot of money all at once. Like anything we do, we’ve got to create a decorating budget and take things slowly, adding elements to our homes over time, rather than in one fell swoop. so when anthropologie invited me to write about three different design budget scenarios for you in their magazine, i thought... 
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things that make my heart sing.


oh, how i love this chair and it’s brightly colored cushions from the pages of rue. so many lovely textures and colors blending together for one very effortless, but amazing look. those things that go pop — they just make my heart sing. here’s a few more. the tea towel collection from Studio Mae Engelgeer. ombre light pink textured tote from ziazia; dandy... 
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