anthropologie: the magazine.


When decorating, a lot of us can’t just cut loose and spend a lot of money all at once. Like anything we do, we’ve got to create a decorating budget and take things slowly, adding elements to our homes over time, rather than in one fell swoop. so when anthropologie invited me to write about three different design budget scenarios for you in their magazine, i thought... 
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things that make my heart sing.


oh, how i love this chair and it’s brightly colored cushions from the pages of rue. so many lovely textures and colors blending together for one very effortless, but amazing look. those things that go pop — they just make my heart sing. here’s a few more. the tea towel collection from Studio Mae Engelgeer. ombre light pink textured tote from ziazia; dandy... 
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the stylists: linda bergroth.


how fresh and pretty is this apartment styled by Helsinki and Paris-based designer linda bergroth? i aspire to live like this…or at least a little more like this. no clutter, no stuff, just style. Linda Bergroth’s projects range from INDUSTRIAL DESIGN and interior architecture to creating sets, all of them just as inspiring as this one. there’s a fun little... 
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a new addition.


i just wanted to share a quick little update to my bathroom gallery. i went over to shoot christine & carlos of MCMF’s a few weeks ago (their house tour is here), and they gave me this lovely little painting to add to my collection – the waterfall scene on the lower right. i love it! i’ve just decided to go nutty in my weird little pink and blue tiled... 
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lonny: the elegant summer.


the june-july issue of lonny is online and is the perfect study in wall-to-wall modern elegance. it’s their summer issue, but this summer is looking a little less beach hut casual and a lot more beach home — like in the hamptons, fancy-schmancy style. it’s pretty darn stunning. here’s a few of my favorite picks from lonny’s very elegant summer.  
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