make mine mismatched.


a love is blind. i don’t really care for anything very ‘cookie cutter’. i like decor that is unexpected — a mix of well-loved, cherished, hand-me-down, found pieces that have sentimental value. furniture that you get a little thrill from every time you recall that flea market score, or a flashback for the city you found it. especially dining chairs... 
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oh hello, yellow.


luisa brimble. i don’t know about you, but the weekend came and went much too quickly. i was deeply in need of something cheerful crossing my path, so i went on hunt for yellow. when has yellow ever let you down? it’s just such a happy, boastful color — proud and unapologetic. as if to say, “hi, I’m yellow, and i’m here!” — but... 
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beach hut sophisticate.

homestead seattle. sometimes when i think about beach house style, i like to think in terms of a more sophisticated color palette. instead of say nautical blue, i think neutrals, black, white — the colors of sand, black coral, thatched huts, and the color of the ocean under the moonlight. ever since my trip to tulum i’ve been obsessed, and strongly impacted by... 
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good reads: at home in havana.


one of my dreams is to finally visit cuba. i’ve has this old book about havana homes forever and every once in a while i get it out and fantasize about making the trip. and now, thanks to new travel regulations, perhaps i’ll be able to one day. which is why i loved this story in t magazine about american-born Pamela Ruiz and artist Damian Aquiles’ home in... 
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dream house: dining room conundrum.


c home. so, a bunch of you have asked to see a floor plan of my new dream house, and i just happen to have one that i sketched up when i bought the place. man, it looks tiny on paper! but it’s not that small — 1,200 square feet and plenty of room for me and my pup. plus there’s a balcony that runs along the front of the house, and then about 3,500 square... 
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