orange is never ordinary.


last week i was all about hot pink, but this week i’m into orange. so fickle, i am. but orange is a grand color too, and deserving of a poppy post all its own! so happy and forthright, orange does not mess around, people. it cries out “i’m here. pay attention!”. oh, orange. so un-ordinary. awesome pops of orange in the form of barstools and pendant... 
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in my dreams, i live here: hollywood hills.


i grew up in los angeles, and lived there most of my life until coming to san francisco sixteen years ago. so, i’d say i’ve got l.a. in my blood. i know the streets of the valley like the back of my hand, and spent many a rebellious and youthful night trolling the streets of hollywood, not sure looking for what, but enamored with it’s tarnished glamour. i... 
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in my dreams, i live here: berlin.


last time i dreamed of living elsewhere it was new york city. this week, i’m feeling a hankering to up and transport myself to berlin. it’s on the top of my ‘it places’ to visit and sites like freunde von freunden with their home tours of berlin’s most creative residents just increase my curiosity ten-fold. so today, i’m moving to berlin.... 
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in my dreams, i live here: new york city.


i saw this illustration of rob hodgson’s of the catcher in the rye book jacket, and it made me think of new york city. and what it might be like to live in nyc. i’ve never done that, and i’ve always wanted to, at least for just a little while. haven’t you? i mean it’s an experience they say everyone should have, and who knows, maybe you try on... 
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i spy: hibernation.


it’s chilly and gray here today, and the thanksgiving holiday is winding down, so i guess i’m really beginning to feel that wintery, homey hibernation coming on. it’s time to find good books to read, some crafty indoor projects, and really layer up with cozy sheepskins and warm fuzzy throws. so today, i spy some homey hibernation! winter frost via trine... 
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