hi everyone, hope you all had a wonderful week! as usual i have a few of my favorite pins that i want to share with you. first organic linen by nancy straughan (no. 1), lemon yogurt bundt cakes from call me cupcake (no. 2), gorgeousinvites for lilia & ryan’s wedding (no. 3), signage for an aquatic center designed by DES SIGNES. (no. 4), and last but not least... 
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unexpected guests: uppercase magazine.


today on unexpected guests we’re headed up to chilly calgary, canada, but this home is anything but cold. it’s the warm and cheerful home of Janine Vangool, publisher of UPPERCASE magazine, her husband novelist Glen Dresser, their toddler Finley and Percy the dog. Janine publishes the beautiful Uppercase magazine, as well as incredibly inventive books for the creative... 
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i could live here: a photographer’s minimalist home in italy.


hello, si from the french by design blog here for a new “i could live here” tour. today, we’re heading to mantoue, italy to visit a photographer’s sublime home. federica bottoli and her companion vittorio share the same passions: architecture and the love of design and art. their mantoue, italy, home, is minimalist, simple and authentic, a perfect haven for this family... 
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oh, and happy, happy friday.


love this winter white design from bailey doesn’t bark — just puts me in a cozy, holiday mood. have a swell weekend everyone, see you back her on monday. • image: bailey doesn’t bark the four seasons tea towel.  
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ciao*! si from the french by design blog here for a ‘i could live here’ house tour. ready? ok, pack your bags… we’re heading to milan, italy, today. just when you think that as a blogger, you’ve already seen it all, and nothing can surprise you any longer, your ego is put back in its place by an amazing interior that makes your eyes shine and your heart skip a beat.... 
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