spring fever.


adriaan louw. spring is in the air and it’s making me feel light-headed. not in the dizzying kind of way, but in the way i want my home to look. i want that crisp, fresh green you can get from bringing plants and flowers indoors, or maybe even a few key pieces you’ve given a new coat of green paint to. from colorful cabinets, to hairpin legs, or some green accessories... 
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keeping it colorful.


the design files. we’re on a roll with bold colors today! words cannot properly evoke the feelings i have about this fabulous dining room lucy on the design files shared (lucy always shares the good stuff). i could live here in a heartbeat — such a wonderfully eclectic mix of vintage modern — from the victorian fireplace mantel to that great contemporary... 
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guess who’s coming to dinner?


you’re all invited! here’s a look at the dining room of my new cottage dwelling at present state — again still kind of a work in progress so all comments are welcome. this room was a total man cave. woven wood blinds on the windows covering up all that nice light and brown-beige paint and wall-to-wall really gross carpet. we painted it with sherwin williams... 
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julep, anyone?


i’ve started a fun new blogging gig — writing for minted’s new blog julep. this week is my inaugural post and i’m sharing a personal peek at my new dining room and the print i had enlarged by minted of my favorite photograph of my dad — so it’s quite special to me. have a look over on julep!  
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at the round table.


i love dinner parties, don’t you? i think most of the time, i’d much prefer gathering friends at home, over eating at a restaurant. it’s just so much more intimate, and the conversation isn’t drowned out by the clatter of a bustling cafe, buzzing with other diners’ chatter. and i like a round table best of all. i imagine that’s why the literary... 
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