light & lovely location.


located in a bend of the River Thames in Barnes, england — a suburban district outside of the London is this Stunning converted Edwardian House. even though it only takes 30 minutes to get from Barnes to central London, it feels as though you’ve stepped into a small country village. the home is one in light locations’ roster of photographic and film sites,... 
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hello again! phewf – january was a crazy month over at the jealous curator, but i’m so, so happy to be back on sfgirlbybay! so, i found this photo the other day on the site of a helsinki based stylist/designer, minna jones – this is her home, and in the post she mentioned that she had just painted this room white, and said “for a while i’ll enjoy... 
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guest post: raining sheep.


Hi all, this is Raina from Raining sheep. I am hijacking Victoria’s blog today while the lucky girl is doing New York city in true style.  Style is exactly why I fell in love with Vic’s blog.  While I occupy my corporate cell each weekday, I sneak a peak at Victoria’s blog and, at least temporarily forget there is such a thing as a corporate job.  I... 
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