hello again! phewf – january was a crazy month over at the jealous curator, but i’m so, so happy to be back on sfgirlbybay! so, i found this photo the other day on the site of a helsinki based stylist/designer, minna jones – this is her home, and in the post she mentioned that she had just painted this room white, and said “for a while i’ll enjoy... 
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vintage finds for a modern world: room noir.


ever since my trip to los angeles last month, i’ve been drawn once again to mid-century modern decor. there’s just something about that city, a certain film noir feeling that recounts that very cinematic era. rooms with a classic, sophisticated charm and a clean, sleek look i really love. sometimes i just want to abandon any ‘cuteness’ my home contains... 
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chairs. chairs are my thing. the thing i can’t live without, the things i covet. like this pair of awesome eames wire chairs, the very cool looking patio chair from la silla acapulco (i think i could even live with it indoors). and this big hunk of handsome black leather chair from rue and this gray one shot by pierre-jean verger — swoon!  
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isn’t this just rad? it’s knitting work done on a wire eames chair by plain living. seeing these chairs got me thinking how much i admire a great eames wire chair, so i went on a little hunt. and so, here’s a monday morning homage to the eames…wired style. tom bonauro’s classic chair; velocity art & design’s eames desk chair; gorgeous... 
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just because it’s rad.


i think i may have seen these very cleverly styled vitra eames chair collages somewhere along my web travels, but i just saw ‘em again and just thought they were the coolest. the photos are by , ingmar swalue, and the stylist was Emmeline de Mooij. brilliant! • images via plastolux.  
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