good reads: Chic Boutiquers at Home.


author ellie tennant has a brand new book out, entitled Chic Boutiquers at Home — and it’s quite a clever concept. featuring twelve online store owners, the concept only makes perfect sense me — if you’re truly fond of a shop’s look it’s only natural you may love the look of their homes, too. ellie takes a look at these shop owners’... 
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le petite flea | the return.


once upon a time, i ran le petite flea, a vintage etsy shop where i shared all the collectibles i either handed down to the shop from my home, or discovered on my flea market follies. it was fun, however it was a little more than i could manage and run the blog too — but i now have a trusty partner, jeannine giordan to help keep le petite flea managed smoothly. so my... 
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dead presidents.


i think the movie ‘lincoln’ (which is wonderful) may have made presidents into a trend. or maybe it was the recent presidential election. whatever the case, i love these limited edition giclee prints from original gouache paintings by artist elisabeth mayville. there’s something so sweet about these paintings, even gerald ford — our 38th president,... 
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oh, and happy, happy friday.


it’s been quite a couple of weeks. when i found out the home that i rent was being sold, it induced a panic and feeling of hopelessness that i hadn’t known for some time. i mean, this is my home — and even though i just rent it, i’ve put a lot of love and care into it for the past couple of years. but i must move on, literally and figuratively because... 
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i recently posted about a vintage pan am travel poster via condé nast. well, reader shellie loved her so much, she was inspired to make her very own pillow from this image. shellie makes pillows and home decor for her etsy shop, pillow happy, and she really captured this image perfectly. bravo, shellie and thank you so much for sharing!  
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