friday finds.


it’s finally friday — and even though it was a short work week, i still feel like, “whew! we made it!”, and darn it but if i don’t still have the travel itch. labor day has come and gone, and still no summer holiday for me. i’ve got to get out of town! or at least pretend like i am. happy weekend, or shall i say, bon voyage everyone! xo,... 
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let there be lights!


one of the things i miss most about living in san francisco, are the bridges and the way they make the city truly unique — connecting san francisco to the ‘mainland’, i can attest that driving across them never gets old. the bay bridge has been refurbished and with that industrious restoration, it’s been reborn. it’s also being re-lit —... 
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Drink Good. Do Good.


i’ve been invited to help raise awareness and share with you something i’ve been distressed about — the problem of ‘food deserts’ and how they are impacting our local communities. food deserts are urban neighborhoods that lack resources for fresh, natural foods, and it’s a bigger problem than you might imagine. i think we can very often... 
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sunday in the city.


this sunday in the city i took a little morning stroll over the ferry building farmer’s market. boy, was it bustling! i just took my time though, meandering through all the colorful stalls, running into jordan for a bite of her amazing donut, and checking out all the yumminess in general. you kinda feel like you could gain 10 pounds just from looking at it all. i snapped... 
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fab friday.


buy local calendar & tea towel in one, from terrain. one of my favorite things to do is hit the farmer’s market on the weekends. we’re pretty lucky in san francisco, and there are several to choose from (even during the week, like the castro farmer’s market). i visit one i can walk to each saturday – the noe valley farmer’s market, and i often... 
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