thoughts for a friday.


• have you ever read twyla tharp’s the creative process? an old boyfriend recommended it to me, and before i could get really into the book, we broke up. so you know — then the book was tainted for me. look at the book, think of the jerk. but i think i might need it. in this book she breaks down all the aspects of living a creative life, the struggles, joys,... 
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ink on paper.


simon walker. i love the clever creativity of really good graphic design. and all kinds of type. i’m working on a site redesign (be forewarned, it’s gonna be way different…i hope you like it!). anyhow, i save bits of type i like all the time, and grain edit always inspires. grain edit shares good design from all over the world, right here in our own internet... 
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hilarious…and ahem, guilty as charged. via danny jones design. oh, yeah, and should you want to follow my tweets, you can do so here.  
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jessica hische’s Daily Drop Cap.


i love typography, and i recently discovered a great blog from designer jessica hische.  jessica is a is a typographer and illustrator working in Brooklyn, New York, and she’s got this great post called the Daily Drop Cap, in which jessica illustrates a decorative letter every day (or at least every work day). The project will continue for approximately twelve alphabets... 
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Time out With Erin: Font Yourself.

I’ve been inspired by typography lately [actually, I’m lying— I’m pretty much inspired by typography ALL the time]. And you know what? Why do graphic designers get to have all the fun? Shouldn’t we all have a little typography in our lives? Yes. Make that a BIG yes. With all caps and 49 exclamation marks. Today, I’m super-inspired by this... 
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