oh, hello neighbor.


freunde von freunden is based all the way in berlin, but it took them to introduce me to my very own neighbor here in our noe valley neighborhood of san francisco. this is the home of architect and interface designer nir stern just blocks from me. it’s funny, i walk lucy by these houses every day, and i’m constantly wishing i could see what’s inside them.... 
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isabel wilson’s loft life.


Freunde von freunden has a great home tour and interview up with new york-based Textile Designer isabel wilson. her Apartment & Studio in Williamsburg is a live/work loft space with glorious white brick walls and high ceilings. that tiered bookcase and cozy window seat had me at hello. for a complete tour of her great space, visit Freunde von freunden.  
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inspired by: freunde von freunden.


as far as i can translate i think freunde von freunden means something like friends of a friend, or something close. anyhow, that’s kind of how i feel about berlin-based blog freunde von freunden — they feel like friends who inspire me endlessly. and i mean endlessly — i linger and look at their site all day long. i get happily stuck there all the time, and... 
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the stylists: kirsten hermann.


i absolutely love this home of fashion stylist kirsten hermann. effortlessly chic, in that thrown together european way i can’t get enough of, and have a hard time pulling off myself. how do they do it? i like the uncluttered rooms, with very few mid-century modern furniture pieces, and that the focus seems to be on the large format photos kirsten’s framed and... 
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organica: malin elmlid.


i love everything about this home — it has that envious and effortless look that i wish i were a little more relaxed to pull off.  it’s just leaning a little bit on the side of simple, yet kind of organized chaos, that seems to quite common in european homes, but they just seem to know how to pull it off without looking messy — just casual chic! this is... 
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