thoughts for a friday.


japanese floral artist takaya-hanayuishi. slowly but surely it’s beginning to feel like spring around here. i know the rest of the country has got some thawing out and catching up to do, and i think if you happen to be in australia, it’s already summer, right? but my thoughts for a friday are turning to all things springtime. lazy days, pretty blooms, all those... 
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cactus flower.


i took a little lunchbreak on my patio this afternoon, and couldn’t help but find it quite peaceful back here, this weird little space off my kitchen nook. i keep killing everything in sight out here, because it gets an awful lot of wind, so i’ve finally succumbed to succulents. they do just fine in the gale storms that whip down from twin peaks into poor wind-swept... 
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secret hideout.


after my little crash and burn last week, i took some of your much needed good advice and spent some time outdoors this weekend. i am very lucky to have a secret garden, which when not engulfed in knee-high weeds, is a lovely little spot to hide out in the big bad city. robyn pope gardens transformed the weeds into a happy oasis of green a while ago, replacing them with river... 
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guest post: little brown pen.

nichole of little brown pen is bringing us some beautiful and Inspired Gardening today. Every year it’s the same thing. Our spring trips to Paris result in hundreds of photos of vines and Wisteria. There’s something about the way the vibrant green and cool purple mingles with crumbling brick or old paint that seduces me into something just short of a state of worship.... 
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good reads: garden house.

i’ve had this book, like forever, but it’s a good one. sometimes when you move you find all kinds of treasures and this was one i dug up, a great book called garden house, bringing the outdoors in, by bonnie trust dahan. and although it may be out of print, you can find used copies of it on amazon for as low as 38ยข (copyright 1999, folks!). i kid you not! i’m... 
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