the better to see you with: a giveaway.


• this giveaway post is in partnership with lookmatic. it’s your lucky friday, because lookmatic is giving away another pair of prescription, non-prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses — you get to take your pick! some of us are glamour girls, and may prefer a fun cat eye like the patti goes to paris, and some of us (ahem) are more nerdy, and like a more bookish... 
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tuesday’s girl: slouchy style.


if i had my way, i’d wear jeans and slouchy stuff most of the time. i’m just that kind of girl. or, i’d wear tights and tunics ‘cuz i’m that girl too. i’ve never been one for super high heels, and tight fitting, clingy stuff – it’s just not me. even when i’m fancy, i’m still a little bit slouchy. here’s a look... 
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i got some brand new specs! the very lovely folks at 1800specs offered me a pair of new eyeglasses in return for a sponsored review, and well, i was in serious need of some updated glasses, so i said, “why not?”. y’all know i don’t do a lot whole lot of sponsored posts around here, but this seemed like a no brainer. plus, i freakin’ love these... 
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tuesday’s girl: les composantes.


yet again, i find myself on a blog, with no clue how i quite got here. but i could spend a lot of time of les composantes, gathering inspiration for some pretty fun little fall ensembles. this tuesday’s girl, i found myself down the rabbit hole that is les composantes, a boutique & blog all written in french, so i cannot read it, but nonetheless a very stylish place... 
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tuesday’s girl: girls who wear glasses.


i’ve always been a big fan of writer dorothy parker, and one of her famous quips: “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.” but i kinda don’t believe that. there are loads of women who look fantastic in glasses. this tuesday’s girl it’s all about the girls in glasses. asos geeky glasses; grace kelly; marilyn monroe; amanda pearl... 
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