a pinboard in particular: a book by its cover.


this is my latest pinboard in particular — i call it a book by its cover and it’s a collection of vintage book covers that i fell in love with. like so many things, they very often don’t design ’em like they used to. always exceptions to this rule, but i love the graphics and typefaces i found in these book covers. bol.com and the accidental optimist. george... 
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thoughts for a friday.


i’ve had the flu this week so in-between bits of fevered delirium i’ve had lots of time to think. you know how when you’re sick it’s almost like new year’s, and you make all these really self-help, affirmation-like resolutions to yourself like, “when i get better, i am going to juice everyday. and walk for miles. and live more simply.”?... 
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playing with type.


i’ve been looking around for some new graphic artwork and have come across a few things i really like from the danish stilleben shop. i quite like some of these alphabet letter poster prints, all on their own, alas i did not find a ‘v’. this big ‘a’ — a tribute to paper is quite nice, though.  
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oh, and happy, happy friday.


this means absolutely nothing at all. except that i like it. and, wish i were running around italy saying, “ciao, i’m off to paris”. or something like that. have a great weekend y’all. i hope you’re somewhere fabulous. • images: ciao, via frenched; paris, via tom speirs  
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I’m really in love with these vintage cinema posters from the illustraction gallery. these selections from their romance category are just a little bit cheesy (in the best of ways), and at the same time so great, with their amazing typefaces and colors, some from japan, and europe, spelled out in the international language of love. i think they’d look so fantastic... 
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