I’m really in love with these vintage cinema posters from the illustraction gallery. these selections from their romance category are just a little bit cheesy (in the best of ways), and at the same time so great, with their amazing typefaces and colors, some from japan, and europe, spelled out in the international language of love. i think they’d look so fantastic... 
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luxe pins.


i love design, and i especially love the craft of it. it doesn’t matter if it’s pixels or paper i’m interested in it all and it inspires me every day; this week i thought i’d share some of my recent inspirations that i’ve been collecting on pinterest. clothing labels from barnaby black (no. 1), chalkboard lettering by dana tanamachi (no. 2),... 
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oh, and happy, happy friday.


i’m off early this weekend, attending a secret summit of sorts. i’ll be sharing more about that soon, but for now, have a great weekend everyone, and i’ll see you back here on monday! • images: Theurel & Thomas pâtisserie in San Pedro, Mexico, via Yatzer ; artwork by Javier Garcia, via grain edit; and still life from house of ceramics.  
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good reads: uppercase.


the new issue of uppercase magazine is out, and this one is definitely good on paper! this issue (i can hardly believe it’s already issue no. 12!) focuses on the art of paper, and careers in that time old tradition of ink on paper. you remember that, don’t you? i contributed an article about the Danish paper company Rie Elise Larsen, after having had a most inspiring... 
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ink on paper.


simon walker. i love the clever creativity of really good graphic design. and all kinds of type. i’m working on a site redesign (be forewarned, it’s gonna be way different…i hope you like it!). anyhow, i save bits of type i like all the time, and grain edit always inspires. grain edit shares good design from all over the world, right here in our own internet... 
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