Around L.A. / Consort Design.


Consort is an L.A.-based high-end interior design firm founded by Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone. There aren’t many shops that urge me to say “I’ll take one of everything!” but their newly opened shop on Melrose is absolutely one of them. Consort offers a variety of unique and intriguing home decor with a mix of vintage and handmade pieces alongside... 
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tuesday’s girl: antipast.


Just as how antipasto enlightens ones to have great expectations for the main dish to come, “Being an inspiration to fashion,” ANTIPAST is named to pursue and perform in the same manner. these beautifully detailed tights come from Japanese designers Junko Jinushi and Kyoko Kato. the designing duo established their fashion company Coup de Champignon in 1991, where their... 
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curated collections.


i love typography. i love art – do you see where i’m going with this? yes! an entire ‘curated collection’ of text-based art! wood, paint, thread, glitter, old signage, and even a little bit of ice. man, oh man, this is my type of art. get it? type of art? ok, you get it – let’s just look at the work, shall we? ok, so who wants to go on a road trip to the sign... 
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You and Me, The Royal we – don’t forget this giveaway!


You know what are really useful? Wall calendars. so handy, you just take a gander and in an instant you know what’s up, or if you’re like me, what day it is.  you and me, the royal we made a wall calendar that is useful in the time mapping sense, and aesthetically friendly. There are two versions: a handsome red and blue one, and an orange and light gray one.... 
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