because everything they do is magic.


i love herriott grace. everything the canadian father-daughter woodworking and design team creates is of the finest taste, and stunning in its simplicity. not to mention the presentation — their photos are a work of art unto themselves. Lance lives in Victoria, and sends his handmade goods to Nikole in Toronto where she styles and photographs the pieces, and together... 
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the coveting continues.


oh that covet garden! it just keeps getting better and better — but truthfully, i love every issue. they do a beautiful job of photographing and documenting the interesting people they choose to feature each month. and i like so much that the focus is always just on one person, or family — you feel like you really get to know them. this issue features Nikole, from... 
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spoon fed.


i love this story. a daughter has a very handy dad that makes beautiful wooden spoons. she loves his spoons, and convinces him to share them with the world, with people who appreciate handcrafted, treasured, and very special works of art. thus, a little online shop of all things wood is born: herriott grace. lovely, simple and utterly gorgeous wooden things like spoons, rolling... 
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