angle of repose.


today is a big holiday in america. our president is being sworn in publicly for his second term, and it’s martin luther king jr. day — so we’re celebrating! also, my computer went and sizzled this weekend, so i am without all the photos and posts i was going to share, and access to my server until it comes back from the apple folks. so…it’s kind... 
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01 NM Gift Guide

the holiday season is here folks & if you’re anything like me you are taking advantage of all the seasonal cheer. in fact, i’m currently sipping on a large carton of egg nog & listening to mariah carey’s christmas album. life is good. as we all know, stress levels can get a fat boost this time of year…especially when trying to find the perfect... 
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have a fab holiday.


• this post in partnership with fab. i’m not very good at gift guides — i am of the mindset that you readers know what you want, and you don’t need me to tell you what your friends and loved ones might like. however, the fine folks at fab invited me to peruse their fab holiday shop and see what i might spy, and i gotta say, there’s some cool gift... 
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tuesday’s girl:


i’m not one for a lot of fuss and muss when it comes to getting gussied up for the holiday parties. i like to keep it pretty simple — a black dress, tights, some killer shoes and a bit of bauble. but this year, i thought it might be fun to add a bit of glam to my party ensembles. mind you, i still want to keep it simple, so i think that’s what i fancy about... 
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fab friday.


fluxus. oh yay it’s almost valentines day. my enthusiasm for this day knows no bounds. it never fails to remind me of the time my ex-boyfriend sent me roses to the office and added the note “eat these if you get hungry”. way to shine, passive-aggressive nut job and completely diss the gift (at a whopping 110 lbs., he always wanted me to diet). so yay, valentines... 
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