i spy: sunshine.


i think i must be fighting off the ever approaching winter with all i’ve got these days. i painted the living room bright white this week (more on that to come) and am decorating with brighter colors to contrast all that snowy white. so today, i spy sunshine. lots of white with some snappy pops of orange, yellow and more! clockwise l to r: sunny kitchen with via bo... 
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i spy: prints and pattern.


i’m feeling all inspired by pretty prints and patterns lately. bright and cheerful, they add a great pop to any room – particularly ones dressed in white. add a stripe or a fancy floral, or maybe both and pow! it looks fresh and modern. just check out kate spade’s london shop’s striped staircase – wow! ka-pow! today, i spy prints and pattern. floral... 
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i spy: green with envy.


all weekend long i saw the tweets from fellow bloggers and friends attending new york fashion week parties. i couldn’t help but feel a little bit green with envy thinking about all those fun photo opportunities. but in truth, the other half of me, the shy half would have been freaking out, trying to decided what to wear! anyway, today seemed like a good day to i spy... 
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i spy: monday hues.


it’s a brand new week, but still so foggy — not just my brain, but the weather, too. and well, it’s monday, so you know…it’s just not saturday or sunday and it won’t be for another whole week. i don’t exactly have the monday blues, but today i’m tottering along, slowly gathering steam, and some weekday inspiration — some... 
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i spy: girlie style.


in all honesty, i feel a bit of pressure writing the first post on the newly designed site! the expectations y’all might have — yipes! but here i go — and i am most excited, too. i’ve got the good kind of butterflies. today, i spy girlie style. seems appropriate, given the new site design. let’s embrace our inner girlie-girl, shall we? always... 
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