real art for a fictitious world.


well, let’s hope that oprah is telling liz to hang all of the art that i choose! ah, liz lemon, the creator and head writer for ‘tgs’ (on nbc’s 30 rock). she’s creative and wacky and socially awkward, and i love her… almost as much as she loves food: ok, yes. these are perfect for liz. she loves food, and, she’s totally obsessive.... 
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thoughts for a friday.


black sesame ice cream, via the road forks. they say that everything is temporary. our joys, and thankfully our woes. Being happy and savoring the little moments in life is not always easy, but it’s probably something to strive for. the busier i get (and i’m thankful for that) the more i also want to slow the heck down. the more frenetic life gets, the more i want... 
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016 Smitten

Growing up, the holy grail of childhood treats was a bucket sized bowl of ice cream served with all the fix’ins. Remember the 5-gallon containers they used to sell at the market? Those were intense. Nowadays, I still enjoy that delicious, frozen, milky delight. So, when I stumbled upon Smitten, I turned into that¬†fascinated boy again. The coolest thing about Smitten... 
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luxe pins.


since summer is here to stay, i couldn’t resist another summer inspired post; a bright and sunny notepad from sugar paper (no. 1), a beautiful san francisco beach photo series by the talented photographer kim a. thomas (no. 2), reclaimed gold stud earrings designed by blanca monros gomez (no. 3), mouth watering lavender ice cream from tartlette (no. 4), colorful wooden... 
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