i just keep on coveting.


this month’s covet garden features the inspiring home of michael, a much sought after catering chef in the toronto area and a true renaissance man. his talents seem to be endless — from his amazing styling skills around the home mixing industrial, mid-century modern and vintage finds of all kinds, to cooking, sewing and a maker of all things beautiful, including... 
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rustic charm.


i’ve moved into this crazy san francisco earthquake cottage and the oddness of certain nooks and crannies never cease to amaze, and yet charm me. i’m constantly discovering some oddity of architecture and wondering, ‘why the heck did they do that?‘. as in all rustic spaces that certain vintage charm can go a long way — and if doesn’t you... 
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on my radar.


schoolhouse electric’s new Radar Sconce is adorable, in a not too cute, but more industrial kind of way. the radar sconce was inspired by a light originally used on an industrial parts washer. with its very Utilitarian simplicity, This fixture is practical, colorful and flexible — a beautiful and simple example of American industrial lighting. The Radar Sconce... 
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living in an industrial world.


i love me some industrial looking interiors. black & white…check. task lighting. big, small, it’s all interesting to me…check. perhaps some vintage industrial looking storage…check. throw in some simple patterned textiles and i’m a goner. here’s looking at you kid, living in an industrial world. great lighting fixture via hallie burton... 
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vintage finds for a modern world: task lighting.


so my lovely friends and sponsor, mid century modern finds, knew i was looking for a vintage task lamp and came across this one for me. i love it, and have been needing something like this so i can read better from bed (nothing quite comforts me like some sloth-like reading in bed). so now i’m just trying to devise a good way to hang it. anna, daniel and i were bantering... 
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