get over it.


have you seen this new app? no, not yet? well i’m sorry for your future addiction in advance. the other night on twitter, social media’s own meighan O’Toole shared this new app over with her followers, so it’s her you can actually blame for this new found addiction. with over, you can add typography over your photos and instagrams and share deep thoughts... 
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life in instagrams.


A group of people found each other one day and created Greenmarket Purveying Co. These People love candles and natural bath products, organic soaps and extraordinary scents — scents that smell pure and fresh; like the plants and flowers that actually inspired them. the people at greenmarket were disappointed to find that such things were not as easy to find as one might... 
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lookie here…my instagram gallery.


you’ve probably heard about it. or seen it. a fun little app called instagram. maybe you already follow me. and now it’s available on android too! anyhow, i’m addicted, so i’m adding a little instagram gallery to the blog so you can follow along should you be so inclined. now you check out what i’m doing when i’m not blogging. just over... 
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oh, and happy, happy friday.


i’m so addicted to instagram. what about you? i took this one the other day. “straws. making things better since 1888. yes, I had to look that up but now we all know.” happy friday everyone! have a great weekend, and i’ll see you back here on monday! • photo sfgirlbybay.  
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meet parson gray.


Some of you may know textile designer Amy Butler’s husband David as the man behind her photography and graphic design. Some of you may know him as the singer in the band Black Owls. Well now he’s joining Amy as fabric designer! Parson Gray is his new brand, and Curious Nature is the name of his first collection of quilting/fashion and home décor fabrics for Westminster/FreeSpirit.... 
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