i covet lighting. much like the chairs i collect, i can never have too many lighting fixtures either. and just recently, MCMF turned me on to these amazing edison light blubs — they’re vintage-inspired and they make lighting things up just that much cooler. here’s some lighting i’m coveting right now. trampoline has some great vintage light fixtures... 
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vintage finds for a modern world: task lighting.


so my lovely friends and sponsor, mid century modern finds, knew i was looking for a vintage task lamp and came across this one for me. i love it, and have been needing something like this so i can read better from bed (nothing quite comforts me like some sloth-like reading in bed). so now i’m just trying to devise a good way to hang it. anna, daniel and i were bantering... 
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you light up my life.


rebecca wilson ceramic lighting. i keep stumbling upon some pretty bright stars out there in the area of home lighting design. designers seem to be getting more and more inventive and inspired with their source materials, as well as re-purposing somebody Else’s discards into some beautiful fixtures. porcelain, paper, glass, wire…you name it, they’re creating... 
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fun with schoolhouse electric.


ooooh, look, jane, look! look dick, look! tell skip schoolhouse electric has brand new lamps and they are swell! tell all your pals schoolhouse electric has outdone themselves. everyone will loves these! a mix of hi-tech and low-tech, schoolhouse has great new fixtures out and they couldn’t be cooler!  
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ummmm. i love umbu.


this etsy shop is just rad. it’s called umbu, and i love her re-purposed pendant lamps, made from recycled paper scraps – like maps, newspaper and magazine pages and even sewing patterns. so creative, and so very pretty. i love the light these umbu lamps give off, and the shapes and patterns the printed paper creates. take a look at umbu. i think you’ll like.  
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