i spy: springtime.


greenpoint works. it rained the entire time i was in new york. and then, i got home and it started raining here in san francisco. it may have suited my melancholy mood for a while, but i think, like anything — enough is enough. i need to see some sunshine and signs of spring. it’s almost june, for heaven’s sake, so before san francisco skips summer all together,... 
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guest post: dottie angel.


i think you’re really going to love this diy post! a cluster of springy lanterns ‘how-to’ from the fabulously talented dottie angel (aka, the lovely tif fussell). i’m making these as soon as i get home! thank you tif! dearest readers of Victoria’s peachy blog, i must confess i can get a little antsy waiting for Mr Spring to show his face. when this happens... 
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oh, and happy, happy friday.

have a happy, festive weekend everyone. see you back on monday! [ beautiful photo courtesy of _cassia_. ]  
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Let there be light.

I like these mesh lanterns from Pearl River. They come in three colors; Natural, Red and Orange which all give a room a lovely warm glow. And using just the white together in a grouping, or hanging on a balcony could be festive and unique for the holidays. Nice with or without the ornate Asian inscription (can anyone translate?). And they’re all under $20.  
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