i think it’s a sign.


homegirl london. i love typography — all kinds, including handpainted signage, old neon, any cool vintage signs or letters at all really. i even have a pinboard called alphabet city where i catalog signs and letters i love. in my book see san francisco, i documented a lot of the city’s old signage. we just don’t make signs like we used to — but some... 
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oh, poor victoria! gallstones. not cool. well, in honor of her bedrest this week i have, of course, chosen a dreamy bedroom – made of “stone”: too soon? sorry victoria, i had to do it! and if that weren’t enough, i’m even going to suggest doing this: yes! old rocks do rock – when they’re from a vintage science & nature book. i... 
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anthropologie’s a-b-c’s.


i’m such a fan of work by artist leslie oschmann of amsterdam’s swarm already, and then i saw her new handpainted still life letters — swoon, sigh. designed and inspired by vintage oil paintings, leslie has created these handpainted letters for anthropologie, making them a perfectly unique and personal gift this season.  
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can you spell color?


the new anthropologie catalog is live online, and it’s got some lovely pops of color. i’m quite smitten with the homegrown monogrammed mugs, and only wish the ‘v’ was a better color for my kitchen. alas, there are worse problems in the world, and i am leaning towards the ‘p’, so maybe i’ll go with ‘p is for picky!’ check... 
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frankie says r-e-l-a-x.


i’ve had this old shadow box like-thingy from the flea market for a while now, and i’ve never been quite too sure what to display in it. but then, i remembered i had these vintage porcelain letters that spell out r-e-l-a-x collecting dust for a while now, so i plopped them in there upright and they just seemed to fit. a nice, and oft-needed reminder around here.... 
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