on my radar.


schoolhouse electric’s new Radar Sconce is adorable, in a not too cute, but more industrial kind of way. the radar sconce was inspired by a light originally used on an industrial parts washer. with its very Utilitarian simplicity, This fixture is practical, colorful and flexible — a beautiful and simple example of American industrial lighting. The Radar Sconce... 
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lighting the way.


sometimes you can decorate a room around just one really extraordinary lighting fixture. a beautiful vintage fixture like this one from cafe no hut can literally light up a room, giving you one particularly swell source of inspiration — and then you just take off from there. that one truly unique and special fixture is all you need to make a room smashing, all on its... 
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round and round we go.


i’ve been saving these images up, pretty, light and airy rooms, all of them vintage-modern design with a fresh, scandinavian influence. but then i noticed there was another theme here. cylindrical objects in every single one — from the bubble lamps (above and below) to the stools, to the round coffee table. round and round we go, whether intentional or not. i’m... 
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blasé beauties.


i’m in a bit of crap mood today for a reason i can’t quite put my finger on. for the sake of brevity, let’s just say i’ve got the sunday blues. no one to play with, so i’m working. sorry, but we all have those days sometimes, right? it gets lonesome around here and today was one of those days, so i decided to try and take something not very pleasant... 
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things that make my heart sing.


just a few things making my heart sing lalalalala this week: minty fresh chairs, via nordic leaves; Wooden Mini Bowl set from wind and willow home; zangra porcelain light socket with neon orange cord; and these neon wooden bowls, also from wind and willow home. a wondrous collection of mix and match chairs, via lily. a merry mishap’s rad hand cut geometric stacking... 
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